4 Blog Posts About FourSquare: Part 3 – A Case Study of Successful Engagement via FourSquare

Part 3 of my series on FourSquare was very long in coming, but I hope you will find it to be worth the wait. I recently had the opportunity to interview Matt Weygandt, co-owner of the Barriques Market in Madison. I had inquired to my Twitter followers, who in Madison was using FourSquare for business? Barriques was repeatedly the answer I received to my question. Barriques offers check-in specials and mayor specials for FourSquare users.

Barriques Logo

I was already going to be on the road with Wendy Soucie and Ellie Humphrey of the Social Media Club and Social Media Breakfast groups I belong to in Madison for our #LincolnDriveBy Social Media road trip, so I asked Matt if you would be willing to be a stop on our trip and also let me double up and do a quick video interview regarding his use of FourSquare. Matt was a very gracious host, and an excellent interview subject with lots of great insights. See the videos below or view them on my YouTube channel. I welcome your comments.

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Barriques offers check-in specials and mayor specials for FourSquare users.