Blogging while waiting for a haircut, The Rule of Three and three articles that make a lot of sense…

Like many of you I have asked myself the question: “Who has time to blog?”. I was fortunate enough to attend the most recent Social Media Breakfast: Madison event at the Talula restaurant in Madison, WI. One of our presenters, Tom Marks of TMA + Peritus made several points which have inspired me to start actually writing my blog rather than letting my twitter feed populate WordPress.

Mullets are Making a Comeback ...During Tom’s presentation he addressed that very sentiment (being too busy to blog), and his response was this: If you follow the “Rule of Three”, which according to Tom is to aim for writing a blog post made up of at least three paragraphs of at least three sentences each, you are well on your way to writing more original content than most blogs contain. Considering many blogs today are really just content copied and pasted from other web sites, articles and blogs I have to agree with Tom. Tom also stated that writing an effective blog post could be accomplished “in the time it takes to wait for a haircut”, and claims his last blog post was done in exactly that fashion.

With this in mind I did a few Google searches and found three (I sense a trend here) articles of interest related (somewhat) to this post.

  1. How to Use the “Rule of Three” to Create Engaging Content by Brian Clark
  2. How to Write a Three Paragraph Essay by Dr. Dennis Lee Chapman
  3. Presentation Tips – The Rule of Three by Citrus Studios

It did take me a little longer than I might wait to get a haircut to write this, and I also borrowed much of my content, but I did use the articles I am linking to (and Tom’s advice) as guidelines, and I expect I will get faster and more original in my blog posts in the future.